CREATIVE PROJECT: Shape of Your Life

Hello, and welcome to my first post on my creative project. Let me briefly describe it.

The seed of the idea was thinking about the routine nature of our lives. We typically have a general outline for each day of the week. Say, on Mondays I have my 2D-3D representation class followed by sculpture. These events occur at a certain time with the same people.

I thought that if our lives are formed around these ephemeral schedules (ephemeral because the are seldom set for life, e.g., semester schedules) then it might be possible to represent them visually.

The way this whole thing works, is that I have five volunteers who agree to allow me to text them several times a day with two questions:

1. Where are you right now?

2. How many people are around you?

On occasion, these people will be asked a completely totally 100 percent optional question.

I enter all this data into an excel sheet. My hope is that by mapping this date over a map of the local area I will be have captured a small bit of their lives.


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