I’ve talked about my obsession with the ever more intimate relationship of man and technology, and how I believe that wearable computing (e.g., Pebble Smartwatch, Google Glass, etc.) is one step closer to what Ray Kurzweil calls “The Singularity.” 

Consider Ring in that proud family of pioneers, The Wearable Computers. 

Ring is pretty fascinating. It goes on your figure and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, Ring is able to recognize gestures you define in the app so that making the gesture in the air with your fingers will perform a selected action. For example, if I make a stick figure gesture in the app connect to my Runkeeper app, then when I make a stick figure in the air, Ring directs my phone to open it up! AMAZING!

Ring is another step closer to a humankind intimately connected with technology. Hopefully someday we will be able to perfect the human mind by merging it with machine. 

That’s post number five! 

See you next week folks,

Corbin Supertramp

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