Miggo, Camera’s Best Friend



Hello again my friends! First up this week is Miggo, Camera’s best friend! Those of you who have DSLRs know that carting them around can be a huge pain. First, you have to have a strap because you can’t possibly be expected to hold that huge thing the whole day can you? Second, you should also bring your case because at some point you’re going to want to put that expensive thing away, and if you just leave the thing unsheltered, just sitting there you basically deserve whatever happens. Unfortunately, the strap and the case can be rather bulky. However, with Miggo the roles of strap and case are combined! Miggo is a strap for as long as you please, and then when you’re done simply roll it around your DSLR for protection.

Miggo is creative because it solves a wicked problem that’s plagued professional and amateur photographers for far too long. 


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