The William



Have you ever had to cook a great big meal for a bunch of people and found your stove woefully unequal to the task? Me too! Now listen, The William is designed by a guy who’s also had these thoughts. Nearly every inch of the William’s surface is tiled by small hexagonal honeycombs that can sense a pot. Once a pot has been placed, only those honeycombs in contact with a pot will come on creating custom sized burners, tailored exactly to your cookware. So not only can you use only the surface area you need, but all the surface area is capable of cooking!

Very nice, the William!

The William is creative for obvious reasons. It’s creator (who I’m guessing is named William) asked, “why do we need separate burners anyway?” and Voila!

Well that makes five posts. See you next week folks!

Corbin Supertramp


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