Project Loon


Balloon powered internet. I’ll just write that once more: balloon. powered. internet. What?

Well, as it turns out most of the world isn’t on the internet, and if you’re a massive company who relies on people using the internet like Google, what could be a bigger problem? You see, by attaching hyper powerful WiFi-like devices to weather balloons, Google thinks that it can provide internet to the entire world.

It works because once the balloons ascend to a certain altitude, they are no longer influenced by the forces of nature like the wind and pointy mountains. In fact, there is so little at the height they fly that once there, they move in a straight line in one direction indefinitely. That means that each balloon stays put in its line of latitude,  which means that counting on a horde of balloons to give the poor people of the world internet service is actually a feasible plan! Go Google!

This is creative because the people over at Google’s moonshot project department have devised a cheap reliable way to provide internet to the world USING BALLOONS.



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