I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got to the end of an apocalyptic zombie film and thought, “how will I charge my phone when this day comes?”

Until today, there has been nothing to soothe my trepidation.


Flamestower is a innovative design that converts the energy of a flame (which is directed at that protruding rectangular piece you see on the right side of the device) into electricity. Flamestower conveniently outputs this energy through a USB slot found on the left side of the device. So in the event of a global catastrophe that dismantles all of civilization (except the cell phone towers) we can rest assured that at least we will still be able to play angry birds and peruse our favorite blogs using the tumblr app.

Flamstower also has promising implications for catastrophes of a smaller scale, like camping.

This is creative because it harnesses the power of nature in an unconventional way so that even when we are miles from the carefully constructed electrical infrastructure of modern civilization, we no longer have to fear a dead cell phone battery.


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