The Copenhagen Wheel


The Copenhagen Wheel


Ah, the Copenhagen Wheel. This one has a special place in my heart.

The Copenhagen wheel is the one you see in the photograph with the red disc at the center of the tire, and within it is some ingenious engineering that has the potential to transform cycling as a form of transport.

The wheel is basically a small motor that links to your phone while you’re going for a ride. When you come across something, say, like a steep hill the wheel detects added resistance and the phone calculates the amount of force the wheel needs to produce to prevent the user from having to peddle harder.

Using the Copenhagen wheel means that riding up the steepest of hills feels as easy as  peddling down a flat street, and to use it you don’t need a whole new bicycle, you only need to replace the back wheel. It’s creative because it cheaply resolves many of the concerns people have about bikes as a form of transport with a novel idea. People who buy the wheel can safely ride to work without fearing that they might sweat themselves into a stink bomb.

I am patiently waiting for these things to enter the production phase.


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