How many times have you seen a person who has had the misfortune of buying a defective phone that had to be replaced either by buying something brand new, or by dealing with some drawn out and frustrating insurance fulfillment process? As someone who works at a fulfillment place, let me tell you the most infuriating detail: only one or two of the hundreds of parts of the phone are typically to blame while the rest is perfectly fine.

The people over at Phonebloks have created a product to address this problem: a phone that you build yourself by inserting individually manufactured components onto a rectangle that looks like gray pegboard.

The result is that you not only have a phone that will not fail when just one part fails, but you have a phone tailored to your needs. For example, say I am a person who never uses a camera, but plays a lot of games on my phone. I can use the space on the pegboard to insert another battery or processor in the slot that would have been used for a camera.

This product is creative because it solves a common problem and empowers the user. Whereas other manufacturers might have made a phone that is more rugged, Phonebloks has simply reduced the impact that a single failing part can have, and in the same stroke, empowered the user to design their mobile experience.


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