This one is beautiful, my friends. SHADOW is an app that started, as many cool things do now-a-days, with a Kickstarter campaign.

The premise is simple, but powerful: using an app that wakes people using an alarm constructed to slowly pull people from their dreams to the waking world, users can retain as much of their dreams as possible and record them by pressing a button.

In this way the dreams can be recorded before they disappear, but that is not the cool part.

The cool part is that these accounts of our nighttime adventures are anonymously uploaded to SHADOW’s dream servers which then can search for trends and themes in the data.

SHADOW is creative because by simply redesigning an alarm to record instead of snooze it opens up a realm of human experience previously shrouded in mystery and delivers it into the hands of modern data mining. Using the data this app collects we can gain new understanding about what human minds have been doing for one-third of our existence.
That makes five posts! See you next week folks!

Corbin Supertramp.


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