Greetings, Salutations, and Welcome all Supertramps

Hello emptiness!

While I may be creating this blog to satisfy a course requirement, I confess that I am thankful to have the fear of a missed assignment to force me to maintain it.

Let me quickly describe what the main purpose of this blog is. The assignment is that each week I am to find (or create?) five things that I think are creative and post them here. However, in addition to posting these items I have to justify my belief that they are creative. So expect to see a lot of fantastically original work folks, because after this post the floodgates of originality will bust open and  a torrent of taste will start to flow. Of course, you can also expect each post to have a slightly less interesting bit of text after it explaining my affinity for the content.

Expect me to take full advantage of the situation. Who knows, perhaps this blog might continue after the class has ended.


Corbin Supertramp


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